Gaba Cream

Gaba cream was recommended Dr Oz and Dr Brightman as a viable and less expensive option to Botox.

Gaba Creams work on the outside of your skin on wrinkles and are a great combination with phytoceramides which works on your wrinkles from the inside. Both are described as a facelift or botox in the bottle.

Gaba cream works in a very interesting way as it relaxes the muscles in your face and limits there contractions which promotes wrinkles. This is worth trying – start with one application a day on the trouble spots:
Elevens in your forehead
Around Your Eyes
Forehead Brow Lines

Matrixyl & Dermaxyl are described as key ingredients for adding plumpness, glow and freshness to your face

Diva Cream Anti Aging Renewal Cream – Best Anti Wrinkle Formula for Skin Firming, Lifting and Tightening Face and Neck – Powerful Peptides Matrixyl TM 3000, Argireline TM and Dermaxyl TM Moisturize and Restore Delicate Under Eye Skin and Diminishes Wrinkles for a more Youthful and Eye Lifting Appearance

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