Dr Oz: Phytoceramides Natural Alternative to A Facelift

Dr. Oz featured phytoceramides as the supplement that helps you fake facelifts. Ceramides naturally occur in skin and we lose them over time as we age.

The barrier of the skin breaks down and as a result we don’t retain as much water and as a result don’t retain the youthful appearance and plumpness in our skin.

Ceramides have been used in topical creams for quite a while but recently Phytoceramides have been recently approved by the FDA as an oral supplement but have been used in capsule form for a long time in Asia. (Phyto means from plants)

You can get them in a cream or as an oral supplement wherey help hydrate the skin from the inside out and put the ceramides back into the skin thereby helping your skin look more youthful. When taken as a pill the ceramides bubble up through the skin and smooth the new skin as the skin barrier retaining the moisture is strengthened. This helps reestablish a glow to your face, diminish wrinkles and smooth the skin.

You should start seeing results in 4 weeks. Recommendation is 350 mg per day with food one time a day.

For those you who are ok with wheat.

This Product is Gluten Free!



Also recommended to work together with Gaba Cream – Featured on Dr Oz – This is a great combination as Gaba Cream works on the outside to diminish wrinkles ( a natural botox alternative ) and phytoceramides work on the inside.

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Vitamin C Patches



Vitamin C is in your skin when you are young, is a powerful antioxidant and critical in collagen synthesis

We lose it through UV Damage, Toxins like Smoking and as we age.

Putting Topical Vitamin C into your skin for 6 months will have spectacular results as it rejuvenates your skin, reverses age and re-energizes the collagen.

It also helps reverse age spots.

Look for absorbic acid as the active ingredient and contains 3-10% Vitamin C

Power Facial Cleanser

Dr Oz says you really need to exfoliate to let the creams do their work – just as an electric tooth brush cleans your teeth better so does an electric facial cleanser.

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